Lease Compliance and Trespass on Federal Indian Lands

People taking the Lease Compliance will learn innovative ways to take action in difficult compliance and trespass problems. The class will include group work resolving case studies. Students will learn there is more than one right answer to the problem.

I. Contract Compliance.
The compliance conducted in the office. Payment of rentals. Reporting requirements in the lease. Problems with monitoring direct pay.
II. Physical Inspections.
Conducting the on-site inspections for compliance with the lease contract. Example: House on a Housing Authority development burnt down. Housing Authority has not cleaned up the property. Can BIA clean up property and bill housing authority?
III. Trespass

    IV. Right of Way Compliance Actions
    Are the affidavits of completion filed? Is the Grantee using the right of way for another purpose. Has grantee illegally granted someone else a right to use the right of way? Change in location without your approval.
    V. Underground Storage Tanks
      VI. Mortgage Leasehold Interests
        VII. Bankruptcy
          VIII. HUD Leases
          IX. Mutual Termination
          When is it advantageous to mutually terminate a lease? How a mutual termination can develop into a serious liability problem for the Indian landowner.
          X. Taking action.
            XI. Your responsibilities during the appeal process.