Intro to the HP-12c Calculator

This class is a prerequisite for the Financial Analysis class. Bring your HP-12c if you have one. If not, you may use one of ICC’s calculators.

Course Description
This course will provide you with the basics in using the HP-12c in analyzing transactions that you are involved in from the standpoint of negotiations, preparations, review and/or approval. Often people will review a lease, right of way, or other realty transaction by only reviewing the language in the document. A major component in being an Indian Land Professional is having the ability to provide the financial analyses of the transaction.

About the HP-12c
The HP-12c has been in production since 1981. It has been on the market the longest and is the best selling of any HP calculators. There have been attempts to replace it without success. It is the standard among financial professionals. It is compact and will fit in the shirt pocket.