Financial Analysis of Realty Transactions

Prerequisite: Intro to the HP-12c Calculator

This class is designed for realty staff or people involved in the negotiation or preparation/review/approval process of realty transactions. Participants will benefit from a knowledge that will enable them to make sound decisions on realty transactions. Realty staff, line officers, and elected tribal officials often are faced with decision making on leases, rights of way, and other realty transactions without the tools needed to properly evaluate the proposal. Don’t wait until too late to find out you’ve made the wrong decision.

Prior financial experience or expertise is not necessary for this class.

Upon completion of this class students will be better equipped to analyze proposals involving land prior to arriving at a decision regarding the feasibility of the proposed transaction.

Negotiations should be based on how much this property is worth to the applicant rather than how much is the property worth based on highest and best use. Students will be better prepared for negotiating leases, rights of way and other transactions involving Federal Indian Land.

This course will cover: