Indian Land Titles, Deeds & Encumbrances

Course Objective:  To provide a basic understanding of the recording process, what may and may not be recorded, and the processing and maintaining accurate and marketable title.
Authority and Purpose of Recording
Types of Documents to Record
Types of Documents that should not be Recorded
When a Document should be recorded in County (or Alaska) Records
Subdivisions and Maps
Defects in Title
Correcting Defects
Missing Documents
Documents without proper Approval
Chain of Title
Title Insurance
Life Estates and Joint Tenancy
Tenancy in Common
Certified Copies
Land Description on a Deed
Types of Deeds
Deed to Trust Status
Deed to Restricted Fee Status
Deed to Fee Status
Overview of Mortgages on Trust/Restricted Lands
Overview of Leasehold Mortgages on Trust/Restricted Lands
Overview of Leases on Trust/Restricted Lands
Overview of  Rights of Way on Trust/Restricted Lands
Why Service Line agreements are not official documents and should not be recorded