Mortgages on Federal Indian Lands

Course Objective:  To provide a basic understanding of the responsibility of realty staff in the review of mortgages and to provide the required protection to the landowner.

I. What is a Mortgage/Note
a. Lien Theory of Mortgages
b. Title Theory of Mortgages
c. Mortgage Remedies
d. Prohibition on Tribal Lands
II. The Financial World
a. Financial Centers
b. Amortizing Loans
III. Types of Mortgages
IV. Statutory and Regulatory Authority
a. Protecting the Trust
V. Section 184
VI. Commercial Leases
a. Debt Financing
b. Equity Financing
VII. Leasehold Mortgages
a. Caution when Blanket Mortgages are used
VIII. Foreclosures
IX. Reverse Mortgages