Locating Missing Persons

The first day will be spent going over the resources available in locating missing people.  There are public records on most people, even if they change their names.  It is critical to not only know what resources are available but also how to use them.  We will discuss the interview of friends and family members and how the interview should be conducted. 
How do you locate a person in Canada:  We will include a segment on Canadian records and what is available.  We have experience in researching records of missing persons north of the border. 
The second and third day will consist of field work.  We will work in two groups.  You can bring your missing persons cases from home and work on them and we will also have a case that you can work on.  It is a very difficult and challenging case.  We completed it successfully but it took much longer than the two days you will have.  It will give you a much better idea how to locate people.  The field work will include San Francisco, Oakland, and San Bruno.  Bring money for public transportation. All can be reached by public transportation.  The train, BART will be the best mode of transportation.  Fare from the SF Library to San Bruno is $3.50 each way.  You should plan for $14.00 per day in local transportation.  It’s possible that you may be in the process of locating a person and will even need an extra day to work on your own.  If this is the case, you may want to stay through Saturday