Managing the Indian Land Office

This class will include several case studies. Participants will work in teams to resolve the case studies. The following subjects are the major categories covered in the class.

  • Planning
    • Mission
      • What Business are we in

    • b.  Situational Analysis
      • What has the office been doing (History)
      • How well has the office performed
      • What will the office face in the years ahead?
      • Determine if it’s necessary to revise old plans or devise new ones
      • Perform SWOT assessment
  •      A.  Strengths (Internal)
    • Skills and Capabilities to implement your strategies
    • Capitalize on the strengths

    • Weaknesses (Internal)

    • Skills and Capabilities that do not enable you to reach your mission

  • ii. Mitigate your weaknesses
  •        B.  Opportunities (External)
    • i. Everything outside your organization that might affect it positively
    •   Threats (External)

i. Everything outside your organization that might affect it negatively
            b.  Goals and Objectives
    • Desired Outcome

    • Be Clear and Specific
    • Be Realistic
    • Measurable and Tied to a Time Period

    • Purpose of Goals

    • Provide Guidance and Direction for staff

            c.  Strategies
    • Long Range Goals
    • Broad Plan of Action to Reach your objectives

             d. Tactic
    • A means by which you implement your Strategy
    • More Specific
    • Shorter time period than Strategy

II.  The Budget
III.  Recruiting the right people
IV. Training
V.  Motivation of staff
VI.  Downsizing
VII.  Dealing with the Bureaucrat
VIII. The Importance of Documentation
IX.  The News Media