Federal Indian Relations – Its impact on Realty

Course Objective:  Upon completion of this course, participant will have an understanding of various periods of American History and how the United States government dealt with tribes and how these actions impact realty today.  For example, the Right of Way statute is a termination era statute.  The statute is outdated and needs to be changed.
Will we learn from history? We will discuss the various policy periods and how they impact realty today. For example, the Right of Way Statute is a Termination era statute. There are negative implications due to the mindset in Congress at the time. We will discuss the need for a new statute.

                              Who is an Indian?
                              Indian Tribe – Federal Recognition
                              Indian Country - Defined in Criminal Statutes
                              Indian Land Titles
                              Trust Responsibility
                              Indian Treaties
                              Federal Power over Indian Affairs - Source of Federal Power
                              Bureau of Indian Affairs – It’s Role
                              Tribal Self-Government
                              Tribal Powers
                              Source and Limits of Tribal Power
                              State Powers over Indian Affairs
                              Public Law 83-280
                              Criminal Jurisdiction
                              Civil Jurisdiction