ICC can offer any of the following classes for a flat rate of $3,999 for as many people as you want to send. This could include other tribes or BIA staff as well. What we need is for you to furnish a conference room, one inch view binders for each student. We will provide the manual for you to make copies for your students and insert in the binders you provide. We will provide the covers and spines for the binders. A second class in the same week will be for a flat rate of $3,499. We usually charge $550 per person per class.

The reason we are doing this is because this is a guarantee. We do not care if you have ten people or 100.
Class Instructor: Terry Beckwith

Agricultural Leasing on Indian Lands

Contemporary Issues in Indian America - Student will learn about the Government-to-Government between the U.S. Government and the native peoples and how the relationship affects the native people.

Financial Analyses of Federal Indian Realty Transactions

General Leasing on Federal Indian Lands

Introduction to Federal Indian Lands - This class includes half day sessions on various aspects of realty (example: ½ day of leasing; ½ day of Rights of way etc.) Class may be tailored to meet your needs.