Rights of Way Contracts
$495 per person ($445 if payment received by ICC by 11/21)
Special Rate for Landowners that will be paying their own way - $150.00
November 29
th & 30th
Marina del Rey, California (Hotel information will be forthcoming)

Course Description: We are receiving calls nearly every day from people involved in negotiating rights of ways and are just not sure what to do. The first thing a person should not do is to sign the BIA 1948 right of way form. Because of all the calls we have received we are adding one more class for the year. Realty staff should be assisting landowners in drafting a more feasible right of way to protect the landowner’s interest. In the class we will draft the language to better protect the landowners. The Grant should include prohibitions and penalties for failure to perform. The term of right of way will be discussed and why the “without limitation as to tenure” is generally inadequate. The class is limited to eight people. We will have the class in a board room. At the end of the class you will have a right of way form, (application/Grant of Easement for Right of Way) you can utilize for your next right of way.

Who should attend Lease Contracts and Rights of Way Contracts? All realty officers and realty specialists, BIA line officers, tribal council. In our landowner workshops we are having around the country we are getting many issues regarding deficiencies in leases and rights of way. Rights of Way contracts are so weak they usually cannot be defaulted. Line officers and tribal council need these classes to ask the right questions of staff